Marcy Dam

Marcy Dam
Marcy Dam

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Wow, I can't believe that all this has happened at St. Mary's. It feels like yesterday that I was showing up with no idea what was going on or how things worked at the school. I appreciate every thing that St. Mary's School has provided our class and hope they appreciate the collage's that all of us in 201 made for them! Thanks for all the fun and learning!
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Lab 4: this is starting to be spooky fun

Lab 4 was Haloween theme!  Not only is Haloween lots of fun for the kids but we had lab the day before my I was extra excited!  Bree, Tracy and I had the Gym week with the kids and things went well.  I started off and had some difficulty getting the kids to settle down and listen.  After I got their attention they had a great time playing my game of Pumpkin toss!  After all 3 of us played our games we went outside to play with the kids on the playground, here my inner 4 year old came out and I might have had more fun than the kids just by playing tag and being on the playground.  Can't wait to go back in a few weeks to play again.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Superhero Time!

This lab was tons of fun.  I almost forgot how much fun it was to be there having the break for prep.  Showing up dressed in costume with the kids all excited was great, they especially liked Trent (superman).  Getting the games going was fine and we all observed while the gym group had the kids play games.  Watching how the kids are and how just a little effort can make a world of difference for them makes me excited to be a teacher.  My costume of Clark Kent turned out to be perfect seeing as I did the interviews for special projects.  The people who got interviewed were great and more than willing to answer questions which was appreciated greatly.  After interviewing people, I took over taking pictures, maybe I was a little extreem but it was fun.  I find myself suprised at how fast the time goes by at St. Mary's, I guess time really does fly when your having fun.